Meet the Team From Shaolin

Brian Koeing

As the brain behind Rebel! Stricker Campaign, graphic designer and visual artist Brian Koenig has been instrumental in crafting theaesthetic of Tales From Shaolin. From designing the title, to the color palette, to all promotional materials and artwork, Brian’s signature style can be seen all throughout the project.

Jake Summers & Eno Noziroh

Are a prolific music production team out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jake, a graduate of Ohio’s Recording Workshop, worked as production director for West Chester University’s radio station, as well as West Chester’s 91.7 WCUR

The Curve, before taking his current role as Co-CEO of Trademark Copyright Records, where he now works alongside such artists as Eno Noziroh and Verny Mack. As the founding member of the Crash Dummies Collective and creator of the Crash Dummies Theory, Eno has made quite a name for himself in the hip hop community for his diverse flow and dense lyrics, which has earned him the praise of critics such as 2 Dope Boyz, while Verny produces beats for nearly all their projects.

Jeremy Sample

Executive Producer and Stunt Coordinator Jeremy Sample is an accomplished actor and stunt coordinator out of New York City. With a BA from Notre Dame and a Master’s from George Washington, Jeremy also boasts professional sword, stunt driving, and MMA training, which is why he’s done stunt work on everything from Selma to 22 Jump Street to Master of None, Luke Cage, and the upcoming Central Park Five by Ava DuVernay. Jeremy has also flexed his acting muscle in works such as The Deuce, The Last O.G.,Gotham, and The Get Down.

Stephen Hill

Actor, Executive Producer, and Casting Director Stephen Hill not only lent a magnetic presence to his role as “Ghost”, but was instrumental in bringing Tales From Shaolin to life.A Hampton alum YC resident, Stephen as appeared in Christmas Wedding Baby, One Bedroom, Boardwalk Empire, Marvel’s Luke Cage. Currently you can catch Stephen in Maniac on Netflix and every Monday at 9PM on CBS's Magnum P.I. as Theodore 'TC' Calvin filling the shoes of the legendary Roger E. Mosley.

J. Michael Neal

J. Michael Neal is an award-winning filmmaker and one half of Philadelphia-based 1193 Productions, LLC. The writer /producer with a passion for film editing and videography work graduated from Rutgers University in his native Camden with a BA in English and a minor in Philosophy and Religion. While many in the industry are drawn to LA or NYC, Neal would rather bring Hollywood to Philly. “Too many artists see Philly as a stepping stone on their way to bigger and better things. But this is a city of underdogs, this is a city of fighters. There is a tremendous wealth of talent here doing it on their own, making art on their own terms, and I’m proud to be a part of that. If that makes my journey a little longer, and my struggle a little harder, so be it.”

Louis A. Moore

"I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. Growing up in North Philadelphia, I would construct elaborate narratives with toys as my performers. As I’ve grown older the medium has changed, as have my performers, but the drive to build worlds and craft stories has remained the same." Louis A. Moore

Director Louis A. Moore is a post graduate of The Los Angeles Film School having spent time since school honing his skills on a variety of music videos while also lending his talents on projects like One and Done, Three of Us, Broken Angles, Twenty Something, and Forgiving Chris Brown. Serving as the other half of 1193 Productions taken to all aspects of post-production, from editing to sound mixing, and color correction. Currently Louis is toiling away at his next project and first feature film.

1193 Productions. LLC